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The Future of D1 ®

An online series of courses designed to INFORM, IGNITE and INSPIRE amateur athletes and the people who assist in their journey to play a Division I sport.

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Improve Your Chances To Play College Sports

Friday Night Lights will payoff in spades if your son or daughter earns a committable scholarship offer from their dream university, but how does it happen for one athlete over the other? Is it luck, destiny, press, playing time, or high school rankings?


If your son or daughter’s best path to college is by athletics, parents should know upfront: all roads don’t lead to a Division I scholarship opportunity. The most important investment you can make to improve their chances is in preparation. Our online course series is designed to teach you what the NCAA Division I recruiting is, how the college recruiting process works and help you identify ways to improve your child's chances of playing a Division 1 sport. 


Parents, the Division I recruiting process starts with you!

There's so much more to college recruiting than Hudl links and Twitter DMs. Our courses break down how you can support your athlete on and off the field, what you should be doing right now to attract Division I coaches, maintaining academic eligibility, leveraging resources provided by your high school and so much more. 



The experience of being recruited by a Division 1 college or university is one of the most exciting times in a student-athlete's life. Get excited for the opportunity to participate in the process! 

Proclaim your future as the parent of a Division 1 athlete, proclaim their future as a Division 1 athlete and take the steps to position your child for the best possible outcome, a Division 1 scholarship offer! 

Play Sports in College

In this course, we guide you through understanding what the college recruiting process is, what you should be doing based on your child's current grade, attracting college coaches, NCAA eligibility and so much more.


Athletes: The Division I Recruiting Process Starts with You!

Uncover ways to shift the recruiting process in your favor. Preparation is key! This course provides resources to help improve an athlete's chances of earning a Division I scholarship opportunity. Great for all facets of the Division I recruiting process - athletes, coaches, parents, trainers, teachers, athletic administrators. Available December 2020.


Attract College Coaches 

What does your online web presence say about you? Learn which types of content can shift the online recruiting landscape in your favor and help you earn the athletic scholarship offers you want!  Great for all facets of the Division I recruiting process - athletes, coaches, parents, trainers, teachers, athletic administrators. Available December 2020.


The college recruiting process requires a strategic plan and approach for a successful outcome.

No matter the sport, kickstart your athlete's college recruiting experience today.


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